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Controls white mould in soybeans featuring two distinct elite modes of action for resistance management (Groups 3 & 11) with long-lasting, systemic activity.

MAXENTIS Product Box

Key Benefits:

  • Unique combination of Prothioconazole and Azoxystrobin 
  • Enhanced EC formulation – with bulk packaging capabilities 
  • Multi-mode activity for resistance management (Groups 3 & 11)
  • Broad-spectrum disease control with protective and curative action 
  • Whole plant protection: translaminar and systemic movement 
  • Wide window of application

General Info


  • Case: 2 x 8.45 L jugs 



Rate: 422 ml/ac
Acres treated: 20 ac/jug

Lowbush Blueberries

Rate: 253 ml/ac
Acres treated: 33 ac/jug


  • Ground: 40 L/ac (10 US gal/ac) 
  • Aerial: 20 L/ac (5 US gal/ac) 


Avoid applying when rain is forecast.

Application Rates & Timing


Disease: White Mold

Rate: 422 ml/ac

Timing: Apply as a preventive foliar spray at the beginning of flowering or at first sign of disease. After the initial application, one additional application may be made 10–14 days afterwards if conditions remain favourable for continued or increased disease development. Apply the higher rate when conditions favour disease development, or when growing less disease resistant varieties. Maximum applications per year: 2

Always read and follow label directions.

Lowbush blueberries

Disease: Rust (suppression)

Rate: 253

Timing: To prevent primary infections, apply the first spray when 5 mm of green tissue is showing on developing leaf buds or when the bud scales are exposed on the flower buds. This usually occurs in March but varies with location and weather conditions. Maximum applications per year: 2

Always read and follow label directions.