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ADAMA Canada Introduces First Fungicide Product of its Kind to Canada

MAXENTIS®: New innovation for blueberry, soybean & canola growers
MAXENTIS Header Image

ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Canada Ltd. is introducing MAXENTIS®, a revolutionary, fungicide that combines two active ingredients to provide Canadian growers with a single, long-lasting solution for treating the most damaging crop diseases. Enhanced by Asorbital® Formulation Technology, it is the first fungicide in Canada to combine field-proven actives prothioconazole and azoxystrobin into one easy-to-use product. 

More than 50 farmer-applied large-scale trials were completed last year on multiple crops across Canada. Testing by third-party field trial service INTENT showed MAXENTIS was consistently best-in-class and provided control for an industry-leading length of time. ADAMA’s dual-mode protection technology in MAXENTIS produces higher yields across blueberries, soybeans & canola.

“With this industry-leading disease protection in hand, for the first time Canadian growers have access to a fungicide that enables them to spray faster and more efficiently across multiple crops, and across multiple stages of plant growth and disease development,” said Andre Barabach, Fungicide Product Manager with ADAMA Canada. “Additionally, our customers love that no ADAMA product is tied to a rebate program.”

The Asorbital Formulation Technology in MAXENTIS ensures more fungicide is absorbed into the plant faster for long-lasting protection.  

“There was a noticeable line between the MAXENTIS vs the competitive fungicide, with the MAXENTIS being less faded.  I’ve seen similar lines when comparing to an untreated area, but not often you see one next to another fungicide.  Very interesting,” said agronomist Alyssa Farrelly.

Systemic and translaminar movement created by the Asorbital Formulation Technology allows the fungicide to spread across the entire plant, even when sprayed on top of dense canopies, creating longer lasting and more complete coverage.

About ADAMA Canada

ADAMA Canada has been supplying the Canadian agricultural community with crop protection products since 2008. The company proactively seeks input from customers, experts and colleagues to build better products, solutions and services, and to tailor commercial policies and information. Its employees are committed to helping ADAMA customers create more sustainable, profitable businesses. ADAMA Ltd. is the seventh-largest crop protection company with sales in 100 countries and the largest portfolio of any company with more than 270 active ingredients. 

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