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Farmers shake hands near the vineyards

Our Commitment

ADAMA is a leading global crop protection company, providing solutions to combat weeds, insects and disease, so farmers can do what they do best: feed the world.

The ability of farmers to meet the needs of a growing global population while using fewer natural resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions depends on collaboration across the agricultural community.

Sustainable agriculture is too important and too complex for one business to lead the agenda alone. Therefore, we place great emphasis on listening to and learning from our stakeholders, to help us to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of our operation.

“Climate change and the imminent global food crisis demand that agriculture and our industry must transform if we are to have sustainable food security for a growing population.

ADAMA chooses to put ESG values in the center of its activity and to integrate sustainability into every aspect of the business – products, manufacturing, operations, and people. Our investment in novel formulation technologies to deliver superior products with enhanced biological performance is resulting in better solutions for farmers and a favorable sustainable footprint, ultimately benefiting all our stakeholders. We'll continue to listen to farmers and deliver what they need to succeed, making sustainable agriculture part of the solution."


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GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards

GRI 103, GRI 102-13, GRI-102-40,  GRI 102-42, GRI 102-43, GRI 102-44