A herbicide for use with the Max-Ace™ Rice Cropping Solution for control of troublesome weeds, providing rotation flexibility and superior crop safety.


Highcard Herbicide Application Timing



Superior Yield & Superior Tolerance

 RTv7231 MA

  • Long Grain Variety
  • Height 42 inches
  • Average standability
  • 79-day maturity; Early
    • 50% Heading
  • Average Milling
    • 53/68
  • Average Disease Tolerance





RT7331 MA

  • Long Grain Hybrid
  • Based on XP753
  • Height 46 inches
  • Excellent standability
  • 81-day maturity; Early
    • 50% Heading
  • Average Milling
    • 60/71
  • Excellent Disease Tolerance

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Active Ingredient

Quizalofop + safener

Key Targets

Signalgrass, Barnyardgrass, Sprangletop, Weedy/Red/Feral Rice*

*See label for additional grasses

Target Crops

For use only on RiceTec Max-Ace rice hybrids and varieties



RiceTec Max-Ace™ Herbicide Tolerance

RiceTec seed characteristics and performance are determined from data collected from specic RiceTec and/or University field trials and are not a guarantee of performance, nor do they constitute a warranty of fitness for a particular use.



Stewardship is critical to all rice herbicide-tolerant systems to prevent the development of herbicide-resistant weedy rice. Growers using the Max-Ace Rice Cropping Solution are required to sign a stewardship agreement when purchasing Max-Ace seed. Stewardship requirements are based on common Best Management Practices for optimum weed control and resistance prevention.