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When it comes to broad-spectrum disease control, nothing beats Vantana. It is an easy-to-use liquid fungicide for multi-crop applications.

Vantana Jug

What is Vantana?

Vantana fungicide from ADAMA is an easy-to-use liquid formulation that provides 
multi-site mode of action that protects your yields and reduces the likelihood of 
developing resistance. 

Benefits of Vantana:

  • Broad-spectrum Disease Protection
  • Non-SDHI Fungicide for Resistance Management
  • Tank-mix Compatible with Many Products
  • Easy-to-use Liquid Formulation in Bulk Packaging Options

Crop Protection

  • Peanut: spray program with Bravo Weather Stik for full spectrum disease control.  
  • Potatoes: for control of late blight and white mold/southern blight
  • Soybean: single spray for white mold/southern blight
  • Specialty: control of alternaria and white mold/southern blight