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Control of hard-to-kill annual broadleaf weeds in spring wheat, spring barley and oats. Now in a more convenient formulation!

OUTSHINE ALL IN Product Packaging

General Info

HOW IT WORKS: OUTSHINE ALL IN ™, applied early and thoroughly to the main flush of actively growing broadleaf weeds, quickly causes plants to stop
growing, even if typical symptoms of dying weeds are not noticeable for 1 – 2 weeks after application.

Application Rates and Acres Treated:
Rate: 405 ml/ac
Acres Treated: 20 ac/jug; 240 ac/drum; 1280 ac/tote

Case: 2 x 8.1 L jugs
Bulk: 97.2 L drums
Tote: 518 L

Water Volume:
Ground: 40 L/ac (10 US gal/ac)

2 hours

Crop Staging:
2-leaf expanded to just prior to flag leaf emergence.