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US Anti-Dumping on 2,4-D Impact on Canadian Market

Will Canada Align with US Duties and How Will It Affect Product Availability and Costs?
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An anti-dumping petition into 2,4-D entering the US from certain Indian and Chinese suppliers is before the US International Trade Commission which recently published its preliminary investigative findings and is set to release its preliminary countervailing determination in early June. 

With the recent re-appearance of countervailing related to EVs and solar panels; crop protection products may also soon be impacted.

The implication for the Canadian market remains to be seen, but it’s likely that all 2,4-D containing products entering Canada from the US will be impacted. 

A few questions to consider include: if petitions for additional active ingredients will be filled, will Canada align its duties and tariffs with the US and how this will impact available products and cost.

The situation remains uncertain, but for now product availability in Canada is good and pricing remains stable with final antidumping and countervailing determinations expected between October and December of 2024.

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