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Verticillium Stripe - Curtis Interview

Verticillium Stripe a Growing Concern

Understanding the impact and seeking solutions
Verticillium Stripe - Curtis Interview

Verticillium stripe received a lot of attention in 2023 with the Canola Council of Canada taking a lead in developing and releasing resources to help farmers identify and manage this disease. 

Our team met with Curtis Rempel, Vice President and Head of Crop Production and Innovation at Canola Council of Canada, to learn more about Verticillium Stripe and how it's impacting growers. 

How is Verticillium Stripe affecting yield?

“There are farmers and agronomists who now feel they’re losing significant canola yields each and every year due to the disease.” (20% or more of their yield with losses believed to be the highest in Manitoba).

“It’s holding us back from achieving maximum yields in Manitoba. Even though we’ve had some tough years, we still should’ve seen more 60+ bushel crops. And we’re not seeing it. Something’s really holding us back.”

How does Verticillium Stripe spread?

“Whether it’s a seed- borne disease, I’m not sure, but one thing is certain – the combine can help spread the disease. The microsclerotia on the Verticillium Stripe come way up the stem, and so when you’re using your straw chopper and dispersing straw, you’re also dispersing those microsclerotia farm wide. What was once a small patch in a field, in several years the disease has spread across the whole field.”

Has there been significant research on Verticillium Stripe in Canada?

“The research is just starting so I think the most important steps are to work on finding a fungicide/seed treatment and looking for genetic resistance that would be effective. We know very little about it, and have only been surveying it for two years, but it’s top of mind for everybody because when you have it, it’s very destructive.”


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