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Fusarium Head Blight (FHB)

Tools To Tackle Fusarium

Tell FHB to Fuzz Off with Risk Mapping tool and Application Timing Sheet
Fusarium Head Blight (FHB)

With things heating up after the recent rains now is the time to start thinking about Fusarium Head Blight (FHB) infection risk and fungicide application timing to preserve yield and marketability in wheat and barley.

Scout for stage, not symptoms. Infection is most likely to occur when fusarium-friendly environmental conditions intersect with floret opening, which allows spores to make direct contact with the developing seeds. To help you with scouting and your spraying decisions, keep these two tools handy:

Fusarium Head Blight Risk Mapping Tool

This new Fusarium mapping tool provides a thorough assessment of potential fusarium damage to cereal crops in Western Canada based on weather conditions.

The Prairie-wide models were developed to improve the provincial FHB risk maps with higher accuracy than the existing models and multiple ways to demonstrate FHB risks. Click here to see the Fusarium Head Blight Mapping Tool.

Fusarium Head Blight Timing Sheet

Our Fusarium Head Blight Timing Sheet will help you determine the best spray timing to get the most out of your fungicide application. Click here to download!

Spray timing has the biggest impact on the agronomic and economic benefit of a fungicide application, because spraying will be less effective after flowering is complete – the longer you wait to spray, the lower your return on investment.

If the risk is high and the timing is right, SORADUO™ is a combination of two triazole fungicides and  features Asorbital® Formulation Technology for broad-spectrum systemic activity plus long lasting foliar protection. To ask a question or request more information about this product, get in touch with us today.