Put the squeeze on your weeds, not your bottom line. This co-pack alternative provides broad-spectrum weed control in field peas and soybeans with two modes of action to help combat weed resistance.

PYTHON™ Herbicide

Key crops and application rates

Crop treatment on: 


Apply when peas are in the 3-6 true leaf stage. 



Apply when soybeans are from unifoliate to 2 expanded trifoliate leaves. 



Apply when dry beans are from 1 to 3 trifoliate leaves. 



  • PYTHON™ A – 4 L jug of imazamox 80 g/L or 100 mL/ac
  • PYTHON™ B – 2 x 7.26 L jugs of bentazon 480 g/L or 364 mL/ac
  • UAN and an ADJUVANT are not included in the case but required (a reduction in weed control can be observed without the addition of a nitrogen source)
  • Recommended Adjuvants: Merge® at 0.5%v/v; ADAMA 80 at 0.25%v/v; NORAC MSO at 0.5%v/v; HastenNT® Ultra at 0.5% v/v; Agral® 90 at 0.25%v/v

Regions available

Western Canada

Tank-mix partners

For a full list of tank-mix options, please contact your local retailer or ADAMA area business manager. 

Active ingredient

Benzaton 480 g/L and Imazamox 80 g/L