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Citrus Hero


A sunnier outlook for your citrus crops

Simple Pest Protection

ADAMA provides simple pest protection solutions to keep your citrus crops growing.

Fungicide Solutions


Mastercop - No Settling, No Clogging and No Nozzle Wear

Mastercop is an easy-to-mix, time saving and tank mix-friendly copper option.


Insecticide Solutions


Alias 4F Minimizes the Need for Multiple Brands

Alias 4F is an all-in-one convenient product for soil and foliar applications of Imidacloprid, which provides broad-spectrum control of aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers, mealybugs and sharpshooters.



Nematicide Solutions


NIMITZ is a highly effective, non-fumigant nematicide. Apply NIMITZ at pre-planting to target harmful nematodes thereby allowing beneficial microorganisms to flourish and contribute to soil health. And now, NIMITZ is registered for citrus, peaches and pecans!