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wheat field sunset

February 2024 Issue - ADAMA Delivers

New Cereal Solutions, Kochia Spotlight and Fungicide Activity Simplified
wheat field sunset

What are your top pest management challenges in Cereals?

The challenges you face in the field don’t let up, and neither do we. Our team is working with 270 active ingredients to make sure you have a range of options for effective pest management solutions that address your biggest challenges in wheat, barley and oats. 

Respond to our poll and share your thoughts on the most significant hurdles you face. Your valuable input ensures that we continue to invest in solutions best suited to what you are experiencing on your farm. Click here to take our poll. 

Fungicide Activity Made Simple

Drew Thompson, one of our Technical Sales Agronomists, is clearing up the confusion on Preventative, Curative and Eradicant fungicide activity classifications with clear and simple definitions of each term. 

Read the full article to find out how understanding these terms can help you make the best crop protection decisions on your farm. Click here to read more.

Kochia Control

We know you’re no stranger to kochia, the emerging #1 weed threat to the Prairies, and that the glyphosate-resistant strains are becoming tougher to tackle. Kochia is on our watch, too, and we’re working hard to stay one step ahead with the latest control options. 

Our new kochia pest profile provides all the info you need to develop a kochia-management plan and outlines which herbicide options you have at your disposal. 

Utkarsha Koshire
Regulatory Portfolio Manager

Meet Utkarsha, our Regulatory Portfolio Manager. Utkarsha oversees regulatory compliance and product registration for ADAMA, and she is proud to be contributing to a growing and dynamic company.

Beyond professional pursuits, Utkarsha has a dream of seeing the Aurora Borealis – the natural wonder that she says must be seen to be truly believed.

Utkarsha’s passion and dedication make her a valuable member of the ADAMA team. Thanks Utkarsha!

What's New in Cereals?

ADAMA is rolling out a new lineup of ALL IN cereal herbicides, which offer best-in-class crop protection for cereals.

We asked our Product Manager, Ambrely Ralph, to share more about how these new upgraded formulations are delivering more convenience to Canadian growers.

Click here to read the full interview with Ambrely and to find our portfolio of ALL IN products. 

The Agricultural Implications of Declining Birth Rates

Record low fertility rates in numerous countries, including Canada, South Korea, China and India, are raising questions about future food demand.

Click here to read more.