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Stomping Grounds Winners

May 2024 Issue - ADAMA Delivers

See How ADAMA Invests in Communities and Innovation. Plus, Simplifying Weed Management and the 2024 Re-Cropping Advisory.
Stomping Grounds Winners

Going ALL IN on Your Stomping Grounds!

Early in the new year, we asked our customers in communities across Canada to nominate local projects that support youth, health, and connection for a chance to receive up to $10,000 in funding. Today, we are thrilled to announce the selected initiatives that embody the spirit of Stomping Grounds and will make a positive change in their communities.

Click here to read more about the winning projects and the impact they are set to make in their hometowns.

Your Answer to Managing Weed Resistance

Our Herbicide Product Manager, Ambrely Ralph discusses our new All In broadleaf solutions on Real Ag Radio with host, Lyndsey Smith.

Tune in to hear how committed we are to keeping your cereal acres weed-free from pre-seed to post-harvest!

2024 Re-Cropping Advisory 

As we approach seeding in the prairies, it is important to ensure understanding of our re-cropping recommendations due to the persistent drought conditions experienced across Western Canada. Environmental conditions, including soil moisture, temperature, organic matter content and pH, influence the breakdown of herbicide residues in the soil.

When herbicide residues are not broken down, crop injury can occur, leading to reduced crop stand, chlorosis, diminished crop vigor and a reduction in yield.

If products like ESTEEM®, DAVAI®, PHANTOM®, PYTHON® or QUASAR® were used in 2023, click here to view our 2024 re-cropping recommendations.


All In Cereal Herbicides Streamline Grower Choices for Enhanced Profitability

ADAMA has introduced a new portfolio of All In Cereal Herbicides that deliver key active ingredients in one convenient container to help growers make the right agronomic choices for weed control in their cereal acres.

“These new All In products mean all ingredients now come in a single container, with case and bulk options,” says Ambrely Ralph, Herbicide Product Manager. “This creates multiple benefits to the grower, including less hassle and time tank-mixing, less packaging to transport and store, less product waste and a simplified application process overall.”

Amidst declining crop prices, growers are re-evaluating their decisions to enhance profitability, especially in crop protection purchases. Growers are also encouraged to check manufacturer programming as products may have been removed or changed in their complicated rebate calculations.

“We welcome discussions with our customers about the return on investing in our products because there is much about our portfolio and market approach that growers may not yet be fully aware of", says Cornie Thiessen, General Manager of ADAMA Canada.

“ADAMA believes a competitive 'upfront' price is the best approach for busy farmers, especially those wishing to optimize cash flow,” he says. “In addition to the performance of our portfolio, we are confident that offering growers a purchase option under normal terms and without the need to be out of pocket for a program rebate is something growers will welcome as they adapt to the current phase of the market cycle.”

Like all products in ADAMA’s portfolio, the new All In formulations for cereals are fully serviced and program free, and Thiessen encourages growers to take 30 minutes to explore the ADAMA option with their retailer or ADAMA rep.

Bruno Sanchez, Regulatory Manager 

Meet Bruno Sanchez, our dedicated Regulatory Manager! With 14 years of regulatory experience spanning Brazil and Canada, Bruno ensures farmers have access to rigorously evaluated, safe products. Passionate about agricultural science, he advocates for faster regulatory timelines.

In his free time, Bruno enjoys sharing outdoor adventures with loved ones, whether it's fishing, hosting backyard barbeques, or camping. On his bucket list? Alaska and Hawaii. Thanks for all you do, Bruno!

Promoting Biodiversity in Canadian Agriculture Post-UN Conference

Join the conversation on biodiversity! Since COP15 in 2022, biodiversity has been a pressing concern for government and environmental groups. Find out how we feel Canadian agriculture leads the charge in promoting biodiversity with innovative solutions.

Share your thoughts on the challenges and collaboration needed for future progress. Click here to learn more or contact us to contribute to the discussion.