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ADAMA is All In on Managing Weed Resistance

Simplify your resistance management plan with multiple modes, actives and tank-mix options in one convenient package.
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The most significant hurdles in pest management Western Canadian Growers are facing in the field are Resistant Wild Oats and Kochia, according to our recently completed 2024 Pest Management Challenges poll.

“Weed resistance issues have become one of the biggest concerns across all acres in both broadleaf and grassy weed categories,” says Ambrely Ralph, Herbicide Product Manager for ADAMA Canada. “Tank mixing different groups or modes of action is one of the best defences we have against resistance, but as any farmer will tell you it can get complicated and time consuming,” she says.

With that in mind, ADAMA has introduced a new portfolio of All In Cereal Herbicides that deliver key active ingredients in one convenient container to help growers make the right agronomic choices for weed control in their cereal acres.

“These new All In products mean all ingredients now come in a single container, with case and bulk options,” says Ralph. “This creates multiple benefits to the grower, including less hassle and time tank-mixing, less packaging to transport and store, less product waste and a simplified application process overall.”

Each of the new All In products for cereals converts a traditional co-pack into a formulated product resulting in a more convenient package and the ability to add bulk options, including:

ESTEEM ALL IN™ offers flexible rates and three active ingredients for control of hard-to-kill annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in wheat, spring barley and oats.

FORCEFIGHTER ALL IN™ combines three active ingredients and two modes of action to deliver more post-emergent control of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in spring wheat, barley and durum.

OUTSHINE ALL IN™ for early application in wheat, barley and oats to the main flush of actively growing broadleaf weeds.

RUSH 24 ALL IN™ to control a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds, including Group 2 resistant biotypes of kochia and cleavers in spring wheat, barley and durum.

BRAZEN ALL IN™ can be applied up to flag leaf on spring wheat and barley with great tank-mix flexibility and a built-in adjuvant for one-pass grassy weed control, a great combination with many of the All In broadleaf options.

With these additions to ADAMA’s portfolio of herbicides, a grower can access a variety of products with multiple modes of action to help ensure their cereal acres are as weed free as possible at every stage of growth: pre-seed, in crop, pre-harvest and post-harvest.

Competitively Priced Portfolio

Amidst declining crop prices, growers are re-evaluating their decisions to enhance profitability, especially in crop protection purchases.

“We welcome discussions with our customers about the return on investing in our products because there is much about our and market approach that growers may not yet be fully aware of, says Cornie Thiessen, General Manager for ADAMA Canada.

“ADAMA believes a competitive 'upfront' price is the best approach for busy farmers, especially those wishing to optimize cash flow,” he says. “In addition to the performance of our portfolio, we are confident that offering growers a purchase option under normal terms and without the need to be out of pocket for a program rebate is something growers will welcome as they adapt to the current phase of the market cycle.”

Like all products in ADAMA’s portfolio, the new All In formulations for cereals are fully serviced and program free and Thiessen encourages growers to take 30 minutes to explore the ADAMA option with their retailer or ADAMA rep.

“With seven new product launches in 2024 alone, the breadth of solutions available may be a pleasant surprise,” he says. “But, the key take away may be that you can add profit to your business before the first tire even turns.”

“Our team is always eager to discuss the right options for addressing current resistant weed concerns or improving the ROI on crop protection decisions,” says Thiessen.
For product or technical advice to help you manage resistance in cereals crops, contact one of our Technical Sales Agronomists.

For product availability or to find out more about our ‘upfront’ pricing contact one of our Area Business Managers.

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