Provides selective control of wild oats, green foxtail, yellow foxtail, Persian darnel, volunteer oats, volunteer canary seed, and proso millet in spring wheat and barley.

Image of Brazen Herbicide Box

Key crops and application rates

Crop treatment on:

Spring Wheat and Barley

160 ml/ac of BRAZEN™ II + Cohere® Adjuvant at 280 ml/ac to control Persian darnel

240 ml/ac of of BRAZEN™ II + Cohere® Adjuvant at 280 ml/ac to control Wild oats, Green and yellow foxtail, Volunteer oats, Volunteer canary seed, Proso millet

Regions available

Western Canada

Tank-mix partners

  • Refine® SG Herbicide

  • Refine® SG Herbicide + MCPA Ester 500

  • Refine® SG Toss-N-Go® Herbicide

  • Refine® SG Toss-N-Go® Herbicide + MCPA Ester 500

  • Buctril® M

  • Frontline™ Herbicide Tank Mix

  • Curtail® M

  • Prestige™ Herbicide Tank Mix

  • Trophy® Herbicide Tank Mix

  • Mextrol® 450 Liquid Herbicide

  • MCPA Ester 500

  • MCPA Ester 600

  • Frontline™ XL Herbicide

  • MCPA Amine 500

  • GF-194

  • Infinity® Herbicide

  • OUTSHINE® + MCPA LV Ester 600

For a full list of tank-mix options, please contact your local retailer or ADAMA area business manager.

Active ingredient

Pinoxaden 100 g/L

Contains Cloquintocet-mexyl at 25 g/L as a safener