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Pellet palatability promotes persistent performance

While commercial molluscicides are currently limited to just one active ingredient, ferric phosphate, not all slug pellets are created equally, with differences in manufacturing process, size and colour all affecting efficacy, longevity and ease of use.

How a pellet is manufactured – the quality of the ingredients used, how they are combined and subsequently formed into a pellet – not only determines how effective the pellets are at controlling slugs, or how accurately they can be applied, but also directly impacts on how long they will remain palatable under typical British field conditions.

To maximise slug control, molluscicide pellets should take effect as soon as possible after application: they should not only contain the optimum dose of ferric phosphate but should also be easy for the slugs to ingest. Likewise, the pellets must remain palatable for as long as possible post-application to ensure ongoing crop protection and to prevent the need to re-apply too soon.

To provide enduring protection, slug pellets should therefore boast good rain-fastness to enable them to remain intact during prolonged periods of wet weather and should remain mould-free to ensure they remain appetizing.

As the image below indicates, an independent trial (conducted under controlled conditions to maintain a warm, wet and humid environment) showed that ADAMA’s wet processed Gusto® IRON slug pellets retain their shape, colour and palatability for a minimum of 14 days. They also remained mould-free for the duration of the experiment.

In contrast, other leading brands started to show signs of degradation and mould-growth within as little as 4-7 days, thereby rendering them less effective.

Thanks to their superior mould-resistance, Gusto® IRON slug pellets provide long-lasting slug control even in the harshest of seasons.

Gusto Mould Pictures_0.png (1959×1100)

Gusto® IRON: the obvious choice for cost-effective slug control 

Gusto® IRON is a ready-to-use, pelleted bait containing 2.94% w/w anhydrous ferric phosphate. It is approved for use in a range of agricultural and horticultural crops and offers the following key benefits: 

  • A durable, persistent and palatable slug pellet for the control of all UK slug species 

  • Rainproof and with superior mould resistance 

  • Excellent colour retention for easy detection 

  • Uniform pellet size and density for accurate spreading to wide working widths 

  • Optimum baiting points of 45 pellets per m2 when applied at a field rate of 5kg/ha