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Embedding Sustainability in our Business

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ADAMA ESG Report 2022

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ESG Performance Table

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Our Sustainability Strategy is Driven by Results

Sustainability is embedded in every aspect of what we do at ADAMA. With regenerative and sustainable farming becoming a priority for growers and consumers everywhere, we focus on reducing the environmental footprint of our products while delivering high yields.

At the same time, we endeavor to run our operations in a way that consistently lowers our carbon footprint, the waste we create, and the water we use. We are committed to worker safety, workplace diversity, equity and inclusion and the well-being of the communities in which we work.

Our Products and Portfolio Health

We’re bringing to market a growing number of highly effective, sustainable crop protection solutions to meet the needs of farmers, through innovations based on our proprietary Formulation Technology Platforms and biological solutions.

We seek to lead in three key areas: low dose products that decrease the amount of Active Ingredient that is applied in the field while achieving the same or better results; high load products that reduce the volume that needs to be produced, packaged, shipped, stored, and disposed of; and naturally-derived biological products that control pests and disease and improve soil health.

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Our Environmental Sustainability

We continuously invest in technologies and infrastructure to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. We monitor our air emissions, effluent loads, and other pollutants, to keep them all as low as possible. We strive to lower our dependency on fossil fuels and improve our energy mix.

We are proud that a number of our manufacturing sites have switched to 100% renewable energy, others run primarily on hydroelectric power and biomass combustion, and many have been fitted with solar roofs. And, we are in the process of transitioning to electric vehicles across the company.

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Our Social Impact

Our unique People Promise enshrines our sense of community, openness to conversation, and a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and mutual respect. ADAMA invests in our people’s safety, health, mental wellness, and emotional well-being, and offers many learning and career advancement opportunities. We also seek to improve the lives of nearby communities through a range of local initiatives, and we are proud of our high rate of employee volunteerism and corporate contributions.

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Our Sustainability Governance

We manage sustainability just as we manage all our business activities, and that’s why a key element of our sustainability strategy is our Sustainability Network, comprising representatives from all global functions and commercial units. The people involved are at all levels, each with clearly delineated functions and responsibilities that enable us to set and meet our sustainability goals.

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