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Adama UK Legal Documents

ADAMA Agricultural Solutions is a Global Company conducting its business affairs in more than 100 countries worldwide. ADAMA has a policy of respecting the rights and cultural considerations of individuals and organisations, along with compliance with the legal obligations of each country including UK.Adama Agricultural Solutions UK Limited, and all companies within the group, does not condone Modern Slavery and it works with the group and their partners to maintain that position.Please find Adama's downloadable Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct, to the right hand side of this page.

Code of Conduct PDF4.1MB

Global CRM disclaimer PDF0.2MB

Privacy Policy PDF0.1MB

Consent Privacy Notice PDF0.2MB

Terms and Conditions PDF0.3MB

Water Aware Mobile App Terms and Conditions PDF65.2kB

Group Tax Strategy PDF0.2MB

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement PDF0.1MB