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Database of ADAMA's Tank Mixes

Welcome to our tank mix database, your go-to resource for tried and tested plant protection product combinations. Our database is curated to provide clarity and confidence in your spraying operations. Each entry undergoes rigorous testing and evaluation for compatibility. With our comprehensive resource, farmers can confidently select optimal combinations, backed by reliable data.

Before using any tank mixture, consult and comply with the recommendations of the partner products. Physical compatibility tests check that the products will mix and are suitable for application through a conventional sprayer and may not be approved tank mixes. These tests do not check for any adverse crop effects or the biological efficacy of the individual products when applied in a tank mix. 
ADAMA Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd accepts no liability in respect of physical compatibilities and use is at growers own risk. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. For further product information, including warning phrases and symbols, refer to our Products Catalogue or call The Technical Helpline on 01635 876 622. 
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