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Blackgrass Prime Clavering 2022 Untreated

Powering up cereal weed control with pendimethalin

ANTHEM® (400 g/L pendimethalin) is ADAMA’s straight pendimethalin-based herbicide for the control of grass and broad-leaved weeds in cereals.
Blackgrass Prime Clavering 2022 Untreated

ANTHEM’s advanced SC (suspension concentrate) formulation technology delivers higher efficacy versus grass weeds compared to standard CS (capsule suspension) formulations of the same active ingredient and is more user-friendly thanks to its easy pour and easy rinse qualities.

ANTHEM can be used up until BBCH 30 to provide a broad spectrum of weed control and is the ideal tank mix partner to improve residual activity of black-grass control programmes.

Independent trials which were carried out at eight sites over the last two seasons have shown that the addition of 3L/ha of ANTHEM reduces the variability in performance of a pre-emergence treatment of an aclonifen, flufenacet and diflufenican combination when targeting a high-pressure population of difficult to control black-grass. Across the eight trials, the addition of ANTHEM reduced black-grass heading by an average of 9%, with the inter-quartile range of heading control ranging between 33 and 74% for the base aclonifen, flufenacet and diflufenican treatment improving to between 55 and 84% control with the addition of ANTHEM.

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The addition of ANTHEM as a tank mix partner with Proclus and Liberator improves black-grass control 

Proclus + Liberator LHS vs Proclus + Liberator + Pendimethalin RHS compared to Untreated. Photos from trial UK21HETRZAW957B

Active ingredients: 400g/L pendimethalin  Pack size: 10 litres
Formulation: Suspension Concentrate Water volume: 100 – 200L/ha 
Spray quality: Fine or Medium LERAP: B

Max ind. dose


Max total dose


Latest application timing
Winter wheat, winter barley, durum wheat, triticale, winter rye 3.3 3.3 Before leaf sheath erect (BBCH 30)
Spring barley  3.3 3.3 Before leaf sheath erect (BBCH 30)
Potato, combining peas, sunflower 3.3 3.3 Pre emergence
Forage maize, grain maize 3.75 3.75 Before 4th leaf stage
Forage and grain maize (grown under temporary plastic mulch) 3.75 3.75 Pre emergence

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ANTHEM® is ADAMA’s SC formulation of pendimethalin (400 g/l). It delivers higher efficacy on grass weeds compared to CS preparations of the same active ingredient, is user-friendly thanks to its easy to pour and rinse formula and provides long-lasting and reliable residual herbicide activity against tough grass and broad-leaved weeds in cereals.