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Powering up slug control: pellet timing and baiting point density are critical

To maximise the efficacy of molluscicides, slug pellets should only be applied when pest populations have reached threshold, and only when weather conditions are favourable: it is not advisable to apply slug pellets immediately prior to heavy rainfall as this can lead to the rapid degradation of slug pellets, especially if they are of a poorer quality.
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To reduce the impact any subsequent wet weather has on the longevity and efficacy of slug pellets, a pellet which remains palatable and mould-free should be used: Gusto IRON is manufactured using a two-stage drying process which ensures the ideal balance between persistence in wet weather and palatability over a long duration.

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An even and appropriate spread

In addition to applying slug pellets at the correct timing, it is also essential to ensure they are used at the correct dose and spread evenly at the correct baiting point density: the latter is affected by a range of factors including pellet size, evenness of spreading and application rate and consistency.

In most combinable crops, the optimum baiting point density is 40-50 pellets per m2.

When applied at a typical field rate of 5kg/ha, Gusto IRON pellets achieve a baiting point density of 45 pellets/m2. In contrast, larger pellets will produce too few baiting points, while smaller pellets will break down more easily in poor weather and may not achieve the same level of spreading accuracy.

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Gusto® IRON: the obvious choice for cost-effective slug control

Gusto® IRON is a ready-to-use, pelleted bait containing 2.94% w/w anhydrous ferric phosphate. It is approved for use in a range of agricultural and horticultural crops and offers the following key benefits:

  • A durable, persistent and palatable slug pellet for the control of all UK slug species
  • Rainproof and with superior mould resistance
  • Excellent colour retention for easy detection
  • Uniform pellet size and density for accurate spreading to wide working widths
  • Optimum baiting points of 45 pellets per m2 when applied at a field rate of 5kg/ha