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Jonny O

New product manager at ADAMA

ADAMA Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd. has appointed Jonny Oosthuizen as the company’s new Product Manager for its range of plant growth regulators, molluscicides and oilseed rape herbicides.
Jonny O

Jonny, who joined ADAMA in July 2021 as the company’s Regional Agronomy Manager for the South of England, will be responsible for developing ADAMA’s PGR, molluscicide and OSR herbicide marketing and delivery strategies alongside Melanie Wardle (cereal fungicides and insecticides) and David Roberts (cereal herbicides and sugar beet herbicides). As a member of the company’s marketing and technical team Jonny will also work closely with technical specialists Andy Bailey (fungicides and molluscicides) and Bill Lankford (herbicides, insecticides and plant growth regulators) to implement ADAMA’s technical knowledge campaigns.

Commenting on Jonny’s new appointment, ADAMA’s Marketing and Technical Director, Stephen Beal said: “Our expanding range of crop protection products is the foundation on which our business is based, but they are nothing without the people who are responsible for marketing them to our customers. As such, I am delighted to welcome Jonny to ADAMA’s marketing and technical team where he’ll play an important role in ensuring the growth of our range of plant growth regulators, molluscicides and oilseed rape herbicides.

“ADAMA has some ambitious goals over the next five years as we roll out a pipeline of new crop protection products and I look forward to working closely with Jonny, Mel and David to develop a solid set of plans to execute and grow sales of our products throughout the UK.”