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ARIZONA easyconnect

Quicker and easier product handling from ADAMA

2023 marks a milestone in safer crop protection product handling as ADAMA UK offers an exclusive volume of its market-leading multisite fungicide, ARIZONA (500g/L folpet), in ‘easyconnect’ compatible containers.
ARIZONA easyconnect

The easyconnect closed transfer system (CTS) comprises of two components: a unique screw cap which is pre-fitted to product containers and a coupler which allows the container’s contents to be safely transferred into the sprayer without the risk of spillages.

In addition to making the use and handling of farm chemicals safer, the easyconnect system also makes it faster to dose liquid products into sprayers. The new system also makes it easier to handle chemicals as the coupler holds the container in place during emptying and rinsing. The cap also automatically reseals to further minimise the risk of spillages and/or operator contact.

“This is the first consignment of ARIZONA to be made available in five litre bottles equipped with easyconnect caps,” explains ADAMA’s Jonny Oosthuizen. “ADAMA has been involved in the industry-wide project to make the handling of crop protection products safer, faster and easier from the outset, and we’re delighted to be able to offer the new packaging on a limited quantity of ARIZONA this spring. We look forward to rolling the easyconnect system out to a wider range of our fungicides, herbicides and plant growth regulators in due course.”

Growers who would like to utilise easyconnect compatible ARIZONA this spring can contact ADAMA UK through their agronomist. For more information contact us.