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A distinctive co-formulation which combines a premier SDHI (isopyrazam) and the leading cereal ‘azole (prothioconazole) offering unique double binding technology, which...

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General Info

Key Benefits

PRIZM® combines a premier SDHI (isopyrazam) and the leading cereal triazole (prothioconazole) to deliver:
• Long-lasting protection and curative activity
• Multi-cereal option for a broad spectrum of diseases in wheat and barley
• A strong technical solution for barley
• Good crop safety

Crop Information

A strong technical solution for barley disease management at T1 with the flexibility to be used at T2 in barley. Good broad spectrum, long lasting disease control in wheat at
the T1 timing.

Crops Max individual
dose (L / ha)
Max number
of applications
Latest time of application
Winter wheat
Spring wheat
Rye & Triticale
1 2 Before grain watery ripe stage
(GS 71)
Winter barley
Spring barley
1 2 Before beginning of flowering:
first anthers visible (GS 61)*

*Latest timing in Malting Barley – up to and including awn emergence (GS49)

For all cropping information download the product label. 

Product Information

Application information

Water volume: 100-400L/ha

Spray quality: Medium

LERAP: 6 metres (1 metre dry ditch)

Technical Helpline

Technical Helpline: 01635 876 622

PRIZM® is a registered trademark of ADAMA Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd.

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.