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A residual herbicide used in winter oilseed rape, pre and early post emergence, to control Annual meadow-grass and broadleaved weeds.

LEGION® Packshot

Tank Mix data

General Info

Key Benefits 

  • Broad spectrum control including annual meadow-grass, cleavers and poppies
  • Additive black-grass activity
  • Flexible timing pre- and post-em.
  • Provides resistance management for ALS resistant broad-leaved weeds

Crop Information

Crop Max individual dose (L/ha) Max number of applications (per crop) Latest timing
Oilseed rape 2.0 1 Up to 4 leaf stage and before end of January

For all cropping information download the product label. 

Use Recommendations 

Product Information

Application Information

Water volume: 150-250L/ha

Spray quality: Medium

Max. total dose: 1.0kg metazachlor/ha in a 3 year period.



Advisory Information

This product contains metazachlor plus quinmerac and is therefore included in the ‘OSR Herbicides? Think Water’ stewardship campaign. Particular care is needed when using in Surface Water Drinking Water Safeguard Zones:

  • Do not use after 30 September on drained fields, including mole-drained.

In other areas:

  • Avoid use after 15 October on drained fields, including mole-drained

Technical Helpline

Technical Helpline: 01635 876 622

LEGION® is a registered trademark of the ADAMA group.

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.