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A co-formulation of metamitron and ethofumesate providing dual residual and contact activity.

Torero product

Tank Mix data

General Info

Key Benefits

  • TORERO® is the perfect upgrade to straight metamitron.
  • Important for resistance management, black-grass control and 'activation'.

Crop Information

Crops Max individual dose (L/ha) Max total dose (L/ha) Latest time of application
Sugar beet, fodder beet and mangels 2.0 6.0 Before crop leaves meet between the rows (BBCH 00-39)

For all cropping information download the product label. 

Product Information

Application Information

Water volume: 80-100L/ha
Spray quality: Fine
Max ind. dose: 2.0L/ha
Max total dose: 6.0L/ha

Technical Helpline

Technical Helpline: 01635 876 622

TORERO® is a registered trademark of the ADAMA group.

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.