Tribal® is a unique residual, containing pendimethalin, diflufenican and chlorotoluron, providing excellent stand-alone annual meadow-grass control as well as broad-...


General Info

Key Benefits 

  • Excellent stand-alone annual meadow-grass and broad-leaved weed control
  • When combined with flufenacet, TOWER® is an important part of black-grass control programmes
  • Flexible product label – can be used pre and post emergence in winter cereals and spring wheat and spring barley. Advantageous if pre emergence application is missed due to poor autumn weather conditions

Crop Information

Crops Max individual dose (L/ha) Number of applications Latest timing
Winter wheat, winter barley, winter triticale & winter rye 2.0 1 Before pseudostem (leaf sheath) erect stage
Spring wheat & spring barley 2.0 1 Before pseudostem (leaf sheath) erect stage

For all cropping information download the product label. 

Product Information

Application Information

Water volume: 150-300L/ha

Spray quality: Medium

Aquatic buffer: 6 metres

No Variety Restrictions

Following extensive in-field testing of winter wheat varieties, Adama are very pleased to announce removal of any varietal restrictions for application of Tower/Tribal to commercially grown varieties of winter wheat.

This new position is also supported by many seasons of use in Europe, without any reports of adverse effects due to selectivity.

As in previous seasons, there are no varietal restrictions in Winter Barley, Rye, Triticale, Spring Barley or Spring Wheat.

Technical Helpline

Technical Helpline: 01635 876 622

Tribal® is a registered trademark of the ADAMA group.

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.