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Pest Management Poll Results

March 2024 Issue - ADAMA Delivers

Your Biggest Pest Management Results, Sclerotinia Maps and How to Maximize Profitability
Pest Management Poll Results

According to Canadian growers like you, the most significant hurdles in pest management you are facing in the field are Resistant Wild Oats and Kochia.

Thanks for participating in our poll! Your feedback ensures that we are investing in solutions suited to what you are experiencing on your farm.

To view our full portfolio of products designed to meet some of these challenges head on, visit our website. If you are facing a pest management challenge not listed here, please contact us to share your thoughts. 

Treating the Untreated Acre

Riley Anderson achieved a surprising 7-bushel increase when applying SORADUO™ to his wheat acres despite dry conditions and low fusarium risk.

Read the full story to learn how strategic applications can make a big difference in your fields, whether disease pressures are present or not. Click here to read more. 

Maximizing Profits in an Evolving Crop Market 

Amidst declining crop prices, growers are re-evaluating their decisions to enhance profitability, especially in crop protection purchases. 

Explore insights from General Manager, Cornie Thiessen's on how ADAMA is supporting growers. Click here to read more. 

Mapping Sclerotinia Risk 

In 2023, the government of Saskatchewan surveyed 217 sites for Sclerotinia. Sclerotinia can survive over the winter in the surface of soil and in stubble, so be on the lookout for the 2024 growing season. Use this map to identify problem areas near you. 

To learn more about Sclerotinia Incidence and Management, click here

To learn more about Sclerotinia and to find fungicides for your affected crops, read the Pest Profile on our website. Click here to read more. 

Excellent Independent Trial Results 

Our latest broad-spectrum fungicide for canola, pulses and soybeans sets a new industry standard in disease protection. Join Michaela Lobay, Technical Sales Agronomist, as she discusses with Lyndsey Smith of Real Ag Radio what makes MAXENTIS® stand out. 

Click the link below to learn about the unique features that set MAXENTIS® apart from the rest, backed by results from independent trials. Click here to listen. 

Andre Barabach, Product Strategy Manager

Meet Andre Barabach, our Product Strategy Manager! With a background in agriculture and nine years at ADAMA Brasil, he's dedicated to reshaping perceptions of farmers and making a difference in global food security. Andre has conducted over 300 training sessions on pest, disease, and weed management for farmers, sharing knowledge and contributing to the evolution of agriculture.

Outside of work, Andre enjoys fishing, traveling with his family and practicing jiu-jitsu. His goal? To inspire his daughters to love agriculture as much as he does.