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Controlling volunteers in OSR

The control of cereal volunteers in oilseed rape is an ongoing conundrum for many growers, especially when drilling is delayed: their large seed size enables rogue cereals to establish and grow away quickly to outcompete the host crop for light, moisture and nutrients.

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Propaquizafop – available as FALCON (100g/l propaquizafop) – is the ideal herbicide for the control of cereal volunteers in oilseed rape. It is also effective against ryegrass, common couch and the most commonly found brome species, and, as well as being licensed for used in OSR, can also be used to protect a wide selection of legumes and vegetables.

At its full application label rate (1.5l/ha) FALCON effectively checks annual meadow grass up to the weed’s three-leaf stage, with this higher rate giving growers the option to provide an extended period of weed control until a subsequent propyzamide application is made later in the season.

In oilseed rape, FALCON can be applied at any time prior to the crop’s flower buds becoming visible and 90 days before harvest: when used to control cereal volunteers prior to tillering it should be used at 0.5l/ha, with this rate increasing to 0.75-1.0l/ha if tillering has already taken place and the weed has become well established.

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The optimal application window is by the 3-4 leaf stage (from BBCH11-14), with overall efficacy dependent on the prevailing conditions: propaquizafop works best at a temperature of 15-25oC. In cooler conditions, a higher dose may be required. Similarly, an adjuvant may help in cooler climates.

FALCON can also be used to control black-grass as part of herbicide resistance management strategy involving mixtures and sequences with herbicides of alternative modes of action.

Focal Point Preview ImageFALCON® (also marketed as SHOGUN® and TITHE ®) is a foliar acting selective herbicide with systemic activity on a wide range of grass weeds and volunteer cereals. It can be used in oilseed rape, potatoes, beet and a wide range of other broad-leaved crops.

Active ingredient: 100 g/l propaquizafop