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Our Potato Product Portfolio

Adama UK are a major manufacturer of products used on potato crops.Our potato portfolio addresses a wide range of disease, weed and pest pressures encountered in potato agriculture today. We continue to invest in order to bring new products to market.


Holding approvals of many of the key products you need, we ensure that growers have choice when selecting their agrochemicals for cost-effective potato production.

Our Potato Product portfolio continues to be part of our on-going commitment to potato growers. It includes established products such as:



Shotput® (Metribuzin)

  • Good activity on key weeds
  • Flexible tank mix partner, depending on soil type

Falcon™ (Propaquizafop)

  • Rapid, cost effective control of volunteer cereals and other grass weeds
  • Broad label
  • Flexible use of rate



Gusto IRON® (Ferric phosphate)

  • Wet process Desidro™ formulation technology 
  • High quality, long lasting, palatable bait with uniform size and density
  • Excellent spread and ballistic characteristics


Volley® (Fluazinam)

  • Highly effective against potato blight
  • Easy to use low doses
  • Non-irritant formulation
  • Multi-site action
  • Persistent and rainfast in 1 hour