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Grain aphid on wheat

MAVRIK: Safeguarding beneficials whilst controlling grain aphids

With temperatures rising across the UK, so too is the threat posed to cereal crops by pests such as grain aphids. Regular crop inspections will therefore be vital over the coming weeks to determine if and when migrations take place and to assert when pest thresholds have been reached (when grain aphids are present on at least two-thirds of ears).
Grain aphid on wheat

Assuming pest population thresholds are exceeded, growers should consider using a pesticide with a lower impact on beneficial insects such as ground and rove beetles, hoverflies, lacewings, ladybirds and parasitic wasps and flies, all of which feed on and can therefore help to control pest populations.

In situations where a pyrethroid pesticide is deemed necessary, MAVRIK® (240 g/litre tau-fluvalinate) not only provides fast-acting contact control of aphids in cereals, but has also been proven to have a lower residual impact on beneficial insects compared to other pyrethroids.

Compared to other pyrethroid pesticides, MAVRIK® has a less detrimental effect on beneficial insects after a few days.

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IOBC classification: 1 = harmless, 2 = slightly toxic, 3 = moderately toxic, 4 = harmful.

Source: IPM IMPACT. Dose rate: 0.2l/ha

This reduced toxicity enables advantageous insects to recover more quickly after crops have been sprayed, therefore ensuring there’s a strong population of predators ready and able to contribute to the control of any subsequent influxes of aphids.

MAVRIK has the added advantage of being very fast acting which means it halts feeding damage quickly. It also remains stable at high temperatures, ensuring insect control continues to be effective even if the mercury continues to rise.

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* For summer aphid control in cereal crops, spray once when aphids are present on two-thirds of ears and increasing in numbers.

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MAVRIK (240 g/litre tau-fluvalinate) is a highly active and novel pyrethroid which has a reduced impact on beneficial organisms compared to other pyrethroid insecticides and which provides effective, fast-acting contact control of aphids in cereals. It can also be used to control pollen beetle and cabbage seed weevil in oilseed rape.

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