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Tapleford - Sugar beet @300

Powering up post-emergence weed control in sugar beet

Where wet spring conditions have hampered the timely application of pre-emergence herbicides, sugar beet growers will need to ensure they apply an effective post-emergence treatment to protect crop yields.
Tapleford - Sugar beet @300

Powering up sugar beet weed control with metamitron and quinmerac-based herbicides is therefore advised, especially as the inclusion of these active ingredients can give lift yields by as much as 10-20% compared to crops where weed control is below par. 

Following the loss of desmedipham, GOLTIX (700g/l metamitron) and GOLTIX TITAN (525g/l metamitron and 40g/l quinmerac) have become increasingly important as residual herbicides, with both helping to delay the emergence of weeds until sugar beet crops (which are notoriously sensitive to many herbicides) have developed some resilience to subsequent contact treatments. 

In addition to their pre-emergence roles, both products are also approved for use as post-emergence treatments when they’’ll work most effectively when applied with an oil-based adjuvant. 

GOLTIX is one of the safest herbicides for post-emergence applications in sugar beet, with it and GOLTIX TITAN both suitable for use in combination with additional active ingredients.  

For example, GOLTIX TITAN can be used in combination with phenmedipham, ethofumesate, lenacil or triflusulfuron-methyl depending on the weeds being targeted: two of these active ingredients are available as POWERTWIN (200 g/L phenmedipham and 200 g/L ethofumesate) which gives lasting protection against broad leaved weeds and as such is the ideal partner for GOLTIX and GOLTIX TITAN. 

FALCON (100g/l propaquizafop) can be also used as a post-emergence treatment and is of particular benefit where grass weeds such as Annual Meadow Grass and volunteer cereals are a concern (for example after cover-cropping). 

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For more information about any of the active ingredients or herbicides mentioned, please click on the links below or visit the ADAMA sugar beet weed control page at