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Direct replacement for CTL

Powering-Up ramularia and net blotch control

ARIZONA® (500g/L folpet) is now approved for use against ramularia and net blotch in barley.
Direct replacement for CTL

Folpet label update

ARIZONA® is a unique multi-site protectant fungicide for use in wheat and barley where it provides protection against key diseases including septoria, rhynchosporium, ramularia and net blotch. It also provides useful activity against yellow and brown rusts.

Key benefits

  • Provides strong protection against septoria in wheat and ramularia in barley
  • Useful reduction of yellow and brown rust
  • Approved for use against rhynchosporium, ramularia and net blotch in barley
  • Does not interfere with partner products
  • Multi-site activity extends the life of single site partners by delaying resistance development

“With the recent addition of net blotch and ramularia to its label, folpet’s scope of advantage is now even more wide-ranging, making ARIZONA® a key component in barley crops being grown for the malting market.”

Andy Bailey, Fungicides Technical Specialist, ADAMA UK


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