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Protect against ear blight

Unique prothioconazole formulation boosts disease control at T3

ADAMA’s prothioconazole fungicide, SORATEL, uses a unique formulation to offer improved disease control at T3.
Protect against ear blight

SORATEL® (250 g/l prothioconazole), features ADAMA’s ‘AsorbitalTM’ formulation technology which uses two solvents and a built-in adjuvant to improve uptake of the fungicide into the leaf and enables excellent systemic movement of the active ingredient through the plant to the site of action against fungal cells.

This optimised uptake makes SORATEL the ideal choice at the T3 timing as it ensures improved control of fusarium ear blight and better control of septoria, rusts and mildew compared to the current market-leading prothioconazole product.

Better than the best

European trials have shown that, gramme for gramme per hectare, SORATEL consistently and reliably provides a notable improvement in disease control under a range of conditions compared to the current market leading prothioconazole product: in extensive independent field trials, SORATEL has proven to give up to 18% (Maritime conditions) and 13% (UK conditions) more control of fusarium ear blight in wheat.

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Broad spectrum activity

SORATEL can be used as a standalone product or as a tank mix partner with other fungicides to deliver a broader spectrum of activity and can be used at a wide range of treatment timings to provide improved protection against a wide range of diseases.