LADDER ALL IN® provides the same great post-emergent systemic control in spring and durum wheat as LADDER® 240 EC but with one big difference: the surfactant comes pre-formulated in the jug.

Ladder® All-In

Key crops and application rates

Crop treatment on: 

Wheat (durum, spring)

Apply 700 mL/ha of LADDER ALL-IN for registered grassy weeds, except Persian Darnel which requires 880 mL/ha. For water volume, add a minimum of 50 to 100 L/ha. For aerial, add a minimum of 30 L/ha. See label for specific rates, application timing and complete lists of crops that LADDER ALL-IN can be used on and the weeds that it controls. Always read and follow label directions.

NOTE: LADDER ALL-IN contains a built-in adjuvant system. Do not add any adjuvant to the LADDER ALL-IN mixture.

Regions available

Western Canada

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For a full list of tank-mix options, please contact your local retailer or ADAMA area business manager.

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