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ArableAware Podcast Season 1 Show 4 Thumbnail

Season One Show Four: 2018 Season Finale

Date: 09/11/18
Location: Sherwood Farm, Oxon
Show notes: In our final show for the year, our Technical Specialists, David Roberts (Herbicides) and Andy Bailey (Fungicides) are in Oxfordshire to visit Sherwood Farm. Farm Manager, Mark Oldroyd and Assistant Farm Manager, Jack Bedlow (along with dog Ruby) take the time chat with us.
ArableAware Podcast Season 1 Show 4 Thumbnail

Mark shares insights into Sherwood Farm, the award winning team, as well as discussing what crops are grown on the farm (0.58)

In the vetch and oats field Mark explains why he has decided to grow this cover crop (3.00) 

David provides an update on black-grass dormancy and the fight against this weed (4.10)

In a pre-recorded interview Andy Roberts from South Staffordshire gives his insight into how last season went on his farm in terms of yield; as well as sharing how the dry conditions affected drilling dates (5.54)

Back on Sherwood Farm, Mark also shares with us his yield results from last season. Andy is interested to find out further Mark’s thoughts on how he achieved such good wheat yields - it seems T0 could be the answer (09.19)

Mark explains how the dry conditions had a positive impact on drilling and the changes to his crop rotations over the last few years (12.21)

We get to hear Mark’s learnings from last season that will change the way he plans going forward (14.58)

Conversations turn to black-grass, the extent of the problem for Sherwood Farm and how they try to overcome this. David shares his expertise on the issue (16.16)

In our feature interview, Alex Montgomery from Microsoft discusses what issues the farming community have that Microsoft is helping to solve, connectivity challenges and how this is being overcome (21.01)

Back on farm, the guys have moved into a winter barley field. Mark and Jack share their thoughts on the impact of technology and how it benefits their business (29.47)

Back talking black-grass, pre-emergence herbicides are discussed and how the trend has moved to stacking them. Post emergence are also discussed. David shares why he thinks technology is so important to help gain control of black-grass (31.40)

Mark shares how he balances disease control and resistance management in cereal crops (35.41)

Conversations turn to slug control and how Sherwood Farm had low pressure this season. Mark advises on his change of approach recently due to stewardship guidelines (36.22)

We flick back to our pre recorded interview with Andy Roberts to get his thoughts on fungicide planning for the spring and hear what his approach is regarding programmes (40.04)

Andy talks about the challenges to single-site chemistry and how he advocates multi-site chemistry. Mark also shares his thoughts on this area (41.40) 

David and Andy wrap up by sharing what they think growers should consider as we head into the winter (44.50)