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ArableAware Podcast Season 2 Show 2 Thumbnail

Season Two Show Two: Spring is in the air (along with an impressive fighter plane!)

Date: 07/05/19
Location: Grange Farm, Abbots Ripton, Nr Huntingdon
Show notes: Andy Bailey and David Roberts are in Abbots Ripton with Crop Production Manager Paul Drinkwater. Paul starts by welcoming ADAMA and explaining his farming unit and the crops grown.
ArableAware Podcast Season 2 Show 2 Thumbnail

Paul moves on to discuss how the wheat field is looking after the autumn. David shares his concerns with regards to the massive cracks in the tramlines across the UK and explains rain is needed to get the best yield potential; even for clean crops (3.05)

Andy turns the conversation towards fungicides and discusses with Paul his T0 fungicide application. Paul explains his high input system approach (4.43)

In a pre-recorded interview, Steve Cook, an agronomist at Hampshire Arable Systems gives a crop update from the south (5.28)

Paul shares how things are comparing in Cambridgeshire (14.21)

Paul goes on to discuss his control of grass weeds, and explains how his pre-emergence chemistry worked well. He shares how he aims to get his pre-em on 48 hours after drilling. David echoes the importance of this approach (17.19)

Taking a break from Grange Farm, we caught up online with Rob Harris, the Communications Manager at the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) to discuss their great charity.  (19.04)

Back on farm, Paul talks broad-leaved weeds and other problem weeds he is controlling on farm. David shares his advice. (24.08)

Paul shares his experience with weed mapping. David then questions if Paul has done any resistance testing and the importance of cultural control methods (26.58)

Andy questions the yellow rust status in the wheat crop (33.41)

Attention then turns to Sugar beet, Paul's Sugar beet crop is all drilled and growing well. David expresses how attention to detail is important in this crop too (36.30) 

Lastly the CTL revocation is discussed, with both Steve and Paul giving their views and plans for the future. Andy advocates the use of multi-sites and Folpet in particular. (39.41)